Listen to digital signage industry veteran Dave Haynes interview Stephen Gottlich, Gable’s SVP of Innovation and Strategy, on the Sixteen:Nine “16:9” podcast. Dave and Stephen explore several interesting topics including:

  • How the best customer experience solutions incorporate both analog and digital signage and are permeated with a strong foundation of design
  • How IT, marketing, and design executives are collaborating with visual communications companies like Gable to develop customer experiences with strategic and meaningful content
  • How to find the balance of content between providing experiences and delivering ROI through programmatic and direct advertising
  • Why offering end-to-end digital solutions includes agnostic software and hardware partners
  • Why the future of retail experiences requires an architectural design approach and what we can learn from sophisticated retail design overseas in China and Europe
  • What we’re seeing in LED technology from chip on board (COB) arrays to unbelievable color vibrancy and brightness on the latest LED digital displays