Activate and Monetize Your Digital Network Digital Managed Services provides clients the power to maximize their network’s technology and elevate their digital signage experiences. We support clients’ digital networks by developing strategies, managing applications, and maintaining network operations at an optimal level. From data and connectivity to programmatic enhancements and recurring revenue, we bring everything together to deliver successful digital infrastructures with peace of mind. DIGITAL MANAGED SERVICES Digital Signage Hardware Deployment & Activation Revenue, Data & Creative Control Coding integrations for Media PMP, RTB, Exchange and Programmatic Direct Wayfinding, Direct, Programmatic, SSP, DSP and mobile interface activations Data & Wireless Management, UI Support and data bulk purchasing Hardware and Software Merge. CMS and API configurations for multiple applications Communication Options: Cloud-Based, Fiber, Cat5 or Wireless 4G LTE Visitor Analytics Reporting and Data Immersion for Programmatic Advertising, Hardware (camera, sensor) and Software UI configuration enabling • Content Creation • CMS Support & Management • Direct Advertising Services • Programmatic Advertising Services • Wireless Data & Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) • Location Data Analytics Management • Network Standardization & Management