Redefining the Journey We create environments and experiences that incorporate digital signage technologies, audiovisual, and feature lighting. Our approach to understanding and defining the customer journey leads us to develop new digital display technologies and integrate hardware and software to create a total solution where digital place-based networks can generate a revenue stream through direct and programmatic advertising. Thorough collaborative relationships and internal expertise, we serve as your single point of contact to orchestrate the combination of various media to enrich the user experience. We partner with industry leaders to develop turnkey interactive kiosks programs that meet program goals, creative design aesthetics, and integration needs. Our expertise in digital integration also extends to developing new digital display technologies. We support client needs through a diverse in-house team of specialists responsible for ideation, design, media development, manufacturing, installation, and managed services. DIGITAL SIGNAGE & MEDIA INTEGRATION • Digital Displays • Media Spectaculars • Large-format Displays • Interactive Kiosks • Fine pitch LED displays • Mesh displays • Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) • Flexible/Curved Displays • Wayfinding • Digital Place-based Networks/Media • Media Integration • Software & Controls • Feature Lighting • Audio • Direct and Programmatic Advertising • Analytics Reporting • Information / Data Management