Position Overview

To perform duties involved in Gable’s signage fabrication operation in a safe, efficient and professional manner that assures quality while meeting specified deadlines.

Key performance areas

  • Perform tasks in a safe and proficient manner at all times.
  • Positively support and work with other department leads as a team.
  • Support, maintain and build the Lean Culture at Gable.

Essential Functions

The following list of functions for this position is not a limitedly defined list. Additional tasks may be required on the job that are not listed below. The list below serves as a guide for the essential functions that are expected from this position by Gable.

  • Mig welding, brazing and cutting of various metals using gas and electric welding equipment.
  • Plan details of working procedure, with tool and material requirements after receiving instructions, prints and work orders for a job.
  • Fabricates signage by cutting, burning and welding various metals.
  • Repairs signage by using various welding techniques and appropriate welding equipment.
  • Cleans and prepares surfaces to be welded then sets up, assembles and tacks weld parts.
  • Builds up worn or defective surfaces.
  • Uses burning equipment to dismantle assemblies and to cut material to size and shape.
  • Keeps equipment and work area clean and orderly.
  • Occasionally cut up or dismantle obsolete signage to be set aside for scrapping purposes.
  • Training new hires on the proper sign fabrication techniques.
  • Weld inspection.
  • Rigging experience.
  • Advanced wiring skills.
  • Quality inspections as work is performed.
  • Coaching and mentoring subordinates.
  • Verifying proper procedures are being followed to maintain product specifications within our quality standards.
  • Informing management of labor needs and/or problems related to production.
  • Maintaining cross department communication.
  • Complying with all OSHA and MOSH regulations.
  • Maintaining a clean, safe, organized and disciplined work environment.
  • Performing any work related tasks assigned to you by someone in your reporting structure.

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