To perform the duties of a Letter technician required for the team by the team lead. To understand the expectations of the assembly at hand in order to use the correct amount of time and materials to complete the job.

Key performance areas

  • Ensure you are working in a safe and appropriate manner at all times and wearing the required PPE.
  • Working the necessary hours needed to meet our customers’ dates.
  • Positively support and work with all team members as a team.
  • Support, maintain and build Lean Culture at Gable.


  • Preparing work to be accomplished by studying assembly instructions, blueprint specifications, and part lists; gathering parts, subassemblies, tools, and materials.
  • Positioning parts and subassemblies by using templates or reading measurements.
  • Assembling components by examining connections for correct fit.
  • Verifying specifications by measuring completed components.
  • Resolving assembly problems by altering dimensions to meet specifications and notifying the team leader to obtain additional resources.
  • Keeping requirement operational by completing preventative maintenance requirements, following manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions and calling for repair.
  • Documenting work by completing production and quality forms.
  • Basic wiring fundamentals and UL requirements.
  • Use of power tools; electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuated.
  • Use of specialized equipment in the team; e.g., Accubend, stapler, and letter lock.
  • Final assembly of signs.
  • Final wrapping, crafting, and loading of product.
  • Directing and assisting team personnel as needed to accomplish team goals.
  • Assisting with the coordination of machine scheduling to optimize production.
  • Verifying proper procedures are being followed to maintain product specifications within our quality standards.
  • Informing management of labor needs and/or problems related to production.
  • Maintaining cross team communication.
  • Complying with all OSHA and MOSH regulations.
  • Maintaining a clean, safe, organized, and disciplined work environment.
  • Performing any work-related tasks assigned to you by someone in your reporting structure.

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