The customer experience not only counts in the retail revolution, it is what will be transformative for retailers and therefore real estate developers that own the spaces that houses them. Digital experiences are no longer an advantage; they’re expected by consumers. Adding meaningful value to consumers is paramount. Content that emotionally connects with people, especially through interactivity, is the pinnacle in experiences that engage.

2018 marked the tipping point for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry with digital advertising outperforming traditional advertising according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers. DOOH has a higher percentage of reach than any other major media including the internet and TV. This seismic shift marks the beginning of a new evolution in retail. What’s in store for the future of DOOH is disruptive technology enabling monetization of virtual real estate that generates a revenue stream for property developers and retailers as they struggle to adapt to the omni-channel marketplace.

A successful and scalable DOOH solution requires a complex, strategic approach in developing a private media network. To make DOOH successful, prior to selecting hardware and software, a content strategy must be created. The strategy should aim to create ad revenue, provide sales uplift, communicate wayfinding information, and provide entertainment value to increase dwell time.

Once the strategy is determined, the proper infrastructure can be developed. Major considerations include hardware, software, and connectivity. Hardware specifications must match functionality with goals. Software must accommodate interactivity triggers. Connectivity must be seamless to deliver content to consumers. Analytics provide valuable data to drive CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) for direct and programmatic advertising. On the surface the complexity seems manageable, however on a deeper dive, a DOOH program requires attention to the minutiae.

Gable’s Managed Services division is a leader in the DOOH industry helping clients develop and implement a variety of digital signage and media platforms that incorporate visitor and data analytics, programmatic integrations, and content management. The division is led by leading expert in digital signage, Stephen Gottlich, SVP of Innovation and Strategy and backed by Joe Kunigonis, VP, Managed Services & Network Operations, a pioneering leader with over 20 years of experience in the DOOH market.

In this global race for companies to meet consumer demand for experience while driving revenue, the ability to skillfully provide consultation, strategic development, and technical leadership will absolutely make or break a business’ goals. Gable understands the challenge, the technical hurdles, and the leadership direction required to support clients as they expand their businesses in the disruptive category of DOOH.

To learn more about how to get started in building a private media network, contact us at or watch our recent webinar presented in conjunction with Broadsign, a leading DOOH software supplier.

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